Location: uzhhorod
Year: 2018
Halyna Syma
Robert Mytrychko
Volodymyr Pavlyshyn
photo: Mykhailo Melnichenko

Rarely does anyone think of a person in the interior. This property is interesting because the owner of the office is its main element. Applying a reception in monochrome colors, we highlight the special features of the customer and scenarios in the space that will fill it. It is this concept that underpins the craft.chic TRAVEL AGENCY interior design. The request of the customer was to create a laconic and refined office, to accommodate a cozy corner for receiving guests, comfortable workplaces for 4 people, find a place for a small kitchen, a lounge area with a cup of coffee and, of course, a bathroom - all in 40m2.Previously, we have published renderings of this project, from which you can be sure that the implementation is the most consistent with the developed project, and this is the case when we proudly claim that the interior is a 'candy' only if everything 'goes on the project' with the maximum customer trust. Almost all the design elements present are custom made and have their own history. From tables with brass legs, to finding a cactus in the most unusual way. Natural materials, warm lighting, greenery and unobtrusive décor are harmoniously balanced for the comfortable stay of workplace workers and visitors to choose the same unforgettable trip of their lives. Fewer words, and better come and intrigue our design and high customer service.