Location: Uzhhorod
Year: 2019
Valeria Savina
Volodymyr Pavlyshyn
Andrij Opalenik

А one-of-a-kind, modern-style townhouse. Although the request of the customers was to design an object in American style, we were able to combine the features inherent in the classics of the States by integrating it into a modern building. The shutters on the windows, the one-storeyed floor and the pitched roof combine well with the minimalist terrace, panoramic windows, brick, tile and wood as the main materials. The concept is to accommodate 4 living rooms with wardrobes focused on the sunny side and a spacious living room with access to the yard. It was a special wish to have a window in the kitchen area where the morning sun would come in for breakfast and the family could enjoy a BBQ steak in their own backyard in the evening. The small relief of the site set the dynamics of the architecture, and the clear shapes emphasized the areas of the building. Landscaping is full of landscaping, and we hope that in a few years the residents will enjoy their own garden